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Welcome to www.kantorei-noten.de!

You will find free sheetmusic from the sacred practice for the sacred practice. Most of the music on this page are copyright-free works which I arranged for practial use, or works where I have the permission to distribute them. The music-sheets in this edition may in the most cases be freely printed, performed or recorded for non-profit use only. In all other cases an expicit authorisation is needed. Please have a look at the copyright-markings at each PDF-file for details. It is not allowed to distribute this music on other servers or in any collection (digital or printed) without permission.

If you want to use my music-sheets, please send me a message, where and when you plan to use it. Please use this contact form.

This archive ist kept in careful observance to the german copyright-law. If any file should violate by mistake someones right, please give a kind information.

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Ole Hesprich


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